Lifestyle Change, Not Short-term Diet

When it comes to the sensitive subject of weight loss there are many individuals who wish they had a little less meat on them, in order to achieve their desired level of satisfaction. Many people look in the mirror and wish they could achieve the body they once had back in their youth, or maybe an individual is still in his youth but wants to be more attractive to the girls in his school, so he desires a quick-fix solution. The problem is that quick-fix solutions represent a individuals putting the body through a harsh regiment of extreme exercise and drastic lifestyle changes with respect to food intake. While this certainly does represent Read More

Lifestyle Changes, Rather than Short-Term Diets, Result in Permanent Weight Loss

There are many short-term or "crash diets" available that can help a person to lose weight quickly. Unfortunately, these types of diets are so stringent that they are difficult to stay on for long periods of time. Losing weight healthily and effectively happens by making lifestyle changes, rather than short-term diets.

According to the Center for Disease Control, studies have shown that people who lost weight gradually, at a rate of one to two pounds per week, were more likely to keep it off in the long-term. One pound of fat is the equivalent of 3,500 calories. When caloric intake is reduced by 500 to 1,000 per day, this results in the one Read More

Think Lifestyle Change, Not Short-Term Diet.

If you've ever gone on a diet that was supposed to be a quick cleanse, then you may have been on a fad diet. A fad diet is something that offers a quick fix to your weight loss problem, and it involves extreme dieting, and promises great results. This may sound extremely tempting, especially for quick weight loss, but it's not a sustainable diet. Many fad diets require you to eat very little on a daily basis, or cut out food groups that you need for energy, in order to go through your day. Even cleanses can be dangerous if they are done too long.

Cleanses are great for helping the body, but those who do it for weeks at a time, may experience Read More

Change Your Lifestyle to Change Your Life

Diets can be a tricky thing. On one hand, we've all seen success stories with dieting. Popular diets come and go, and the people championing them are doing so for good reason. However, there's a problem with that as well. The exact numbers can always be argued. However, the simple fact is that dieting usually only works in the short term. People lose weight, and that's obviously a very good thing. What's not good is the fact that the weight usually comes back pretty quickly. This is often simply chalked up to genetics. And a lot of very incorrect ideas about weight have come from people trying to come to terms with this situation. However, th Read More

Think Lifestyle Change, Not Short-Term Diet

Many people today join in fad diets, and they may lose a lot of weight, and begin to look very good. They are so impressed with the weight loss, they will show it off to whoever pays attention, including looking in the mirror all the time. The problem with a fad diet is, they do not last. Another fad diet will come along soon enough, and replace the one that's currently most popular. Another downside of fad diets is, they may work, but then you may end up gaining the weight you've lost, plus additional weight.

The reason you may gain more after completing a fad diet, is because fad diets usually will starve you, or involve denying yourself Read More

Weight Loss At Any Age Is Beneficial For Your Heart And Overall Health

Obesity has become a serious problem this day in age. More and more children and adults suffer from obesity. Not only can obesity cause self esteem issues, it can also cause serious health issues. Weight problems can affect various body systems.

Coronary heart disease
High blood pressure
Type 2 diabetes
Breast cancer
Colon cancer
Endometrial cancer
High cholesterol
High levels of triglycerides
Liver disease
Gallbladder disease
Sleep apnea
Respiratory problems
Degeneration of cartilage
Reproductive health complications
Mental health conditions

Because obesity can cause such serious health issues, it is impo Read More

The Right Snacks When Calorie Counting

Believe it or not, snacking helps dieters stick to diets. This idea appears counter intuitive sometimes, yet most successful, permanent weight loss incorporates regular healthy snacks into daily weight loss regimens.

At least three principles apply in utilizing this dieting tool. Firstly, acknowledge the benefits of replacing an unhealthy snacking habit with nutritious, low calorie foods. Secondly, understand the advantages of keeping your metabolism active. And finally, appreciate a gratifying sense of fullness snacking may supply.

Principle Number One: Replace High Calorie Snacks With Healthy Treats

Replacing high calorie snacks such as Read More

The Benefits of a Brown-Bag Lunch

When you're working a hectic and busy schedule, it's easy to get off course with your eating. You might grab a bite to eat at a local deli or restaurant, or you might snack on some of the donuts a coworker brought in that are still in the staff room. The problem that comes with eating out all the time at work is that you do not know how many calories are in what you're eating. That innocent-looking ham and cheese sandwich could have a whopping 800 calories in it without you even knowing, and then you get a side of chips and soda with it. Another key problem with eating out all the time at work is that it's expensive. You work to pay bills and Read More

Burning Calories With Everyday Activities

Unfortunately, obesity is a big problem for many people today. Many choose not to do any physical activities at all, because they are too tired, lazy, or uninterested. For those who do not know, there are many ways to burn calories just by doing physical activities around the house. You'd be surprised as to how many calories you can burn per day, and even possibly lose weight if you do more around the house. One of the best ways to burn calories is by playing with your kids. If you even have just one child, you already have enough physical activity to do to burn a lot of calories.

Even if you're only picking up your child and walking around Read More